It is no secret that no bail bondsmen in Oklahoma City appreciate having their criminal defendants who are out on bail bonds in OKC skip out on them. No one wants someone who is on a high dollar bond – or any bail bonds in Oklahoma City for that matter. This can cause much heartache and hardship for bail bondsmen in Oklahoma, as they will have to fork out potentially very large amounts of cash if they cannot get them back to jail in time. However, there are some great ways to get these wayward defendants back into jail, as we shall explore here . . .

  • Skip Tracing: Private investigators in OKC and bail bondsmen in Oklahoma City usually have special access to things like social security numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers and current addresses for people that may not always be available to the general public. If a criminal defendant skips out on his or her bail bonds in OKC, then someone that writes bail bonds in Oklahoma City can often find him or her with this method.
  • Use of Informants: Informants in the underworld of crime and punishment can prove themselves to be an invaluable resource to those who write bail bonds in OKC. They often have information about whereabouts and activities of criminal defendants that is unobtainable elsewhere. For a good deal or the right amount of special incentive, bail bondsmen in Oklahoma can often loosen tongues and obtain the results they desperately need.
  • Help From Law Enforcement: Law Enforcement like the U.S. Marshals often have special access to better information and GPS tracking device capabilities than do bail bondsmen in Oklahoma City. Local police departments and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) can also provide certain legal support during difficult pickups. For these reasons, collaboration with certain law enforcement officials can prove to be invaluable, so establishing the right kinds of working relationships with them is imperative.
  • Networking With Other Bail Bondsmen in Oklahoma: Other bondsmen hear things as well, and sometimes a veteran bail bondsman in Okc or bail enforcer in Oklahoma City can help with pickups or information. If those who write bail bonds in Oklahoma fail to properly nurture these relationships, they could find themselves without the necessary information they could otherwise easily have.
  • Use of Social Media: Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., can provide plausible location and activity information on criminal defendants. Many people post their activities, phone numbers, addresses, etc., on their quite willingly without giving it a second thought. Posts are often also trackable by GPS location devices on cell phones, as well as the geocoding from pictures they post.
  • National Crime Information Center (NCIC): When a bail bondsman in Oklahoma puts a hold on a criminal defendant via NCIC, he or she is guaranteeing that he or she will pay for the costs associated with the defendant’s return to custody in the specified jurisdiction. This can take time, but it can prove to be effective. In addition, if the jurisdiction refuses to release the defendant back to the custody as the bail bondsman in Oklahoma has requested, then he or she is no longer responsible for the forfeiture of the bond and can have it dismissed/thrown out!
  • Checking Hotels & Jails: Many criminal defendants often end up back in jails at some point, and those who move around often from one hotel to another usually end up at different hotels. By checking with the hotels and jails on a regular basis, someone writing bail bonds in OKC can often have more success with the recovery of criminal defendants. In addition, when bail bondsmen in Oklahoma place their criminal defendants on NCIC, those jails will sometimes call those who write bail bonds in Oklahoma City to let them know that they have their criminal defendant in custody!

There are lots of ways that bail bondsmen in OKC can get their wayward defendants back. It is truly be a frustrating process, and sometimes it just takes time. If writing bail bonds in OKC and getting criminal defendants to show up to court were easy, then everyone would do it. Hopefully other bail bondsmen in Oklahoma can trust the knowledge provided by the experts at Bail Bonds by Tamara and Asset Bail Bonds to help get criminal defendants back to custody faster!