Get your Bail Bond posted quickly

By hiring Asset Bail Bonds as your Oklahoma City bail bondsman, you won’t have to remain detained in jail after your arrest. We will handle your Bond in a discreet and  efficient manner, whether it is set at $100 or $100,000.

Get your OKC Bail Bond fast with Asset Bail Bonds. You will get released on Bail after the paperwork is delivered to the jail.

Asset Bail Bonds also provides Warrant Checks at no fee.

Call Asset Bail Bonds today to get a free consultation at (405) 709-1600 24 Hours a day!

Affordable Bail Bond Services

  • Hablamos Espanol
  • 9% Bail Bonds in OKC
  • Fee earned after bond post
  • Discounts on premiums
  • Warrant Checks
  • Experienced Bondsman
  • Bail Bonds all Oklahoma
  • No interest

Smooth Court Proceedings with Asset Bail Bonds

Not only will we bail you out of jail efficiently, but you will also get help every step of the way in the legal process. You will have us monitoring your proceedings and you will get reminders for your court dates by a Bail Bondsmen.

You will also receive attorney referrals so you get quality representation in court. If you don’t have reliable transportation, we’ll help get you to your appointments, too.

24 Hour Asset Bail Bonds Service in Oklahoma City, OKC, Bethany and Edmond