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24 Hour Bail Bond Service in Oklahoma City and Edmond

Your freedom is on the line, and you need a bail bondsman in Oklahoma you can trust!

Choosing the wrong bail bondsman in OKC can cost you lots of time and money.

Is it really worth the risk?

Call Asset Bail Bonds at (405) 709-1600 and get your bail bonds in Oklahoma City or Edmond

Laurie Poole of Asset Bail Bonds is Elected Northwest Director of the Oklahoma Bondsman Association

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Bail Bond Service

We specialize in OKC Bail Bonds, Bethany Bail Bonds, and all other Oklahoma County Locations.

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Bail Recovery Service

Asset Bail Bonds OKC has the BEST skip tracing services and asset location/recovery in Oklahoma!

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Process Server

Affordable and effective service of process throughout the state of Oklahoma.

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Private Investigation

Licensed private investigators providing discreet, and affordable private investigation services.

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By hiring Asset Bail Bonds OKC as your bail bondsman, you won’t have to remain detained in jail after your arrest. We will handle your Bond in an efficient manner, privately and discreetly.

Spending your nights in jail is scary and uncomfortable for both you and your family. We post Bail Bonds in All Oklahoma Counties as well as Bethany,Oklahoma City, and Other Municipal Courts.


At Asset Bail Bonds OKC, you really can afford to be free! We only charge a mere 9% for all of your bail bonds in Oklahoma City, so call us today at (405) 709-1600 for the best bail bondsmen in Oklahoma. You will not find a faster, more professional, cheaper, more caring team of bail bondsmen in OKC anywhere! Get your bail bonds in Oklahoma today!

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Don't Sit in Jail, Call Asset Bail!

To ensure that you’re able to move forward with your life, we customize the bail bond approach we use for you based on your specific needs. You’ll get the best services in the state of Oklahoma for all your Oklahoma Bail Bond Needs.


OKC bail bonds company, Asset Bail, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you and your loved ones. Asset bail has many years experience writing OKC bail bonds for our fellow Oklahomans.

  • Affordable Price: Asset Bail Bonds is actually a full percentage point cheaper (9%) than what most other bail bondsmen in Oklahoma charge! This is an immediate savings of 10% over what many others charge for OKC bail bonds!

  • Speed of Service: When you or a loved one is in jail, time matters most! You do not want to waste away in a tiny, smelly, filthy jail cell with kisses from Bubba. No! You want a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City to post your OKC bail bonds  ASAP to GET YOU OUT OF JAIL NOW! Asset Bail Bonds does just that! We have a bail bondsman in Oklahoma that will post your OKC bail bonds right away for you, so that you or your loved ones can return home to your family and job with all possible speed!

  • Professionalism: Asset Bail Bonds has a long history of providing only the best for their clients. You are not “just another bond premium” in their eyes; you are a human being in need of help during one of the most difficult times of your life. With a caring, loving approach, Laurie Poole and her team will help you assess your situation and find effective solutions to your OKC bail bonds needs in a timely manner. Asset Bail Bonds has a well-deserved reputation for honesty, integrity, commitment and affordability.

  • Follow-Through: Pay your bond premium and show up to court on time every time, and you will never have any issues with Asset Bail Bonds and the OKC bail bonds they have written for you. Unlike some bail bondsmen in Oklahoma City, we do not take any pleasure in seeing our clients in jail. Instead, we would prefer see our clients out enjoying time with their family and friends! Rest assured that your bail bondsmen in Oklahoma City will continue to be with you during the entire process, and if anything accidentally happens along the way your bail bondsmen in Oklahoma will be there to help you with it!

What To Expect From Your Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma City Bail Bonds Process

  • Your bail bondsmen in Oklahoma will meet with you or with the family to get all of the paperwork signed and the premium collected. They will adequately assess your situation and come up with an individualized plan for your success and release.

  • You or your family will pay the bond premium to your bail bondsman in Oklahoma City for your OKC bail bonds. This premium amount is due in full before your OKC bail bondsman will post your bail bonds in Oklahoma.

  • Once the defendant is out of jail, he or she will have to come in to sign the paperwork with his or her bail bondsman in Oklahoma City.

  • There is a required check-in for each defendant every Monday, and then he or she must also call and update his bail bondsman in Oklahoma City with the next court date right after finishing court each time.

  • Stay out of trouble and show up to court! Yes, it really is that simple!

  • If anything ever happens and you accidentally miss court, please contact your Oklahoma City bondsman as soon as possible! Your bail bondsman in OKC cannot help you find the best solutions for your OKC bail bonds, if you try to run and hide!

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