Everyone has responsibilities – whether it is for work or outside of work or both – and sometimes those responsibilities can be challenging or just plain tiresome. On the other hand, those responsibilities are necessary if we want to keep some semblance of organization and professionalism in our lives. As a bail bondsman in Oklahoma, Laurie Poole is very familiar with the responsibilities that are included in her job.

In fact, she lives by those responsibilities because they are one of the most important parts of her career as a whole. To start out, Laurie’s biggest responsibility as a bail bondsman is posting bail for her clients. If she does not post bail, her job would be pointless. By confiding in her responsibilities, Laurie’s clients are taking a chance on her.

As a reputable and honest bail bondsman, Laurie always makes sure those chances end in success. In addition to the responsibility of posting bail for her clients, Laurie also takes on the responsibility of collecting all of the necessary information needed to move forward in a case. That information can include the defendant’s first and last name, their location and the name of the jail they are at, as well as any past criminal offenses and the amount of the bail.

After the initial responsibilities that a bail bondsman must adhere to, Laurie begins her next responsibility: filing paperwork. In order to progress your case in a timely and orderly manner, your bail bondsman will most likely take on the responsibility of filing paperwork ASAP. That is not all though – as a bail bondsman in OKC, Laurie is also responsible for the defendant to a certain extent.

She makes it a point to regularly check in on her clients and the defendants – double checking that they make it to all of their court dates and follow all of their court-ordered regulations, as well as any guidelines included in the bail bonds contract.

If a client/defendant goes against one of the guidelines included in their release, Laurie will then locate them and hand them over to the court. This is a dangerous game to be played, as you always want to remember your court dates. After all, if you miss even one, you risk the chance of getting thrown back in jail with twice as much trouble as you originally found yourself in.

Now, as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma, Laurie has also experienced on rare occasion a client that will choose to run after everything is said and done in order to avoid paying the bail bonds premium that is required to hire a bail bondsman in the first place. While most people will have the client put down collateral, there have been cases where no collateral was required or the collateral was of lesser value than originally thought.

In these cases, a bail bondsman will often enlist the help of a skip tracer or even a private investigator. Bottom line is: you are better off being honest with your bail bondsman than you are trying to run from them. Their responsibilities can be challenging, and that is exactly why you do not want to get on their bad side.

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