If you enlist the help of a bail bondsman, there are a few things you might want to avoid. Fortunately, Laurie Poole has been operating as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma long enough to know her way around both the easiest and more complex of mistakes. Even more, she eagerly shares them in hopes of helping you avoid the potential trouble. After all, if you are already in jail, you want to avoid anything and everything that can make matters worse.

#1: Misinformation

Unfortunately, it is too easy to give misinformation – whether you mean to or not. When posting bail, it is vital that all of the information you provide is accurate. If your intention is to supply misinformation like a wrong address or name, then you should rethink your next steps. The criminal justice system is very good at identifying people; even if you give them information intended to throw them off.

Furthermore, even if misinformation is not your intention, it is still easy to accidentally give an old address or a maiden name instead of a married name. Be sure to look over all of your information very carefully before submitting paperwork. Remember: if you put the wrong information on something like your bail application, you give it a greater risk of getting denied.

#2: Traveling

When you are out on bail, you will want to go over all of the conditions involved in your release. While operating as a bail bondsman in OKC, Laurie has come across several clients that forget about the traveling restrictions that come with being out on bail. Now – while some bail bond contracts do not have traveling restrictions – most do.

And even when there are not traveling restrictions in place, it is still a dangerous game to play. If you travel while out on bail, you run the risk of missing court dates or expanding your net of problems by some other means. In the end, it is best to stay put until your court proceedings are complete.

#3: Appreciation

In some cases, you might not be able to post bail on your own. Those times can require the assistance of friends or family members. If you find yourself being helped by a friend or family member, you better remember to show your appreciation to them. The last thing you want is to have a falling out with the person that co-signed your bail bond.

By showing your appreciation, you are not only doing the right thing but you could also be strengthening the bond between you and the other person. While jail is not exactly a fantastic bonding experience, you might be surprised at the amount of people that think of their jail experience as a beginning to a deeper friendship or relationship.

For bail bondsmen like Oklahoma’s Laurie Poole, appreciation is an important part of the bail bonds process. Laurie appreciates her bail bond clients, the bail bonds system, and everything in-between. By doing so, she hopes to inspire others to appreciate as well.

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