Bail bonds are not usually a tricky business. In fact, they are pretty straight forward. That does not mean, however, that they are easy to understand for everyone. If you are not a bail bondsman and have not had the (dis)pleasure of hiring a bail bondsman, chances are you have no idea how the process works.

While you might think the need for a bail bondsman will never arise, Laurie Poole has been operating as a bondsman in Oklahoma City long enough to know that is not always the case. Things can happen unexpectedly – whether they happen to you or a loved one. Sometimes, it pays to be prepared.

We will start with the basics: a bail bond is a set amount of money decided by the court that a defendant needs to pay in order to be released from jail. The bond is used as a guarantee that the defendant will return to court when it is time for their trial. When it comes to bail bonds, the amount of money can be set rather high. Many people do not have the funds to post their own bail, and so they require the help of a bail bondsman.

When it comes to hiring bail bond services, a credit card or cash is usually necessary, as you will probably be paying a 10-15% fee of the total bail amount. While it is most common to find bail bondsmen requesting cash or card, Laurie Poole knows from her Oklahoma bail bonds experience that you might sometimes come across bondsmen that will accept property of high value to cover the bond amount.

There are, however, things called “PR bonds”. A PR bond – or personal recognizance bond – is something that allows you to make bail without paying anything. This is a decision made by the judge and can have many qualifying factors like criminal history, specifics of the crime committed, and other relevant information.

Now, a PR bond might be what many hope to get, but chances are it is not what they will get. This is where the bail bondsman usually comes in. In order to hire a bail bondsman, you need to have on hand at least half the amount of the premium charged by the bondsman. On top of that, you should also have: a state driver’s license, a valid SSN, proof of current residence, and no more than two failure to appear charges.

After hiring a bail bondsman, you will have the opportunity to sit back and “relax” while they take care of the technicalities and paperwork. The biggest thing to remember is that you have the right to a bail hearing. Thanks to the 8th amendment, you are afforded the opportunity to get and post bail in the United States.

That being said, a judge does have the right to deny you bail privileges if the severity of your crime is exponential. In the end, the Oklahoma bail bonds process is pretty straight forward. When it comes to your freedom or the freedom of a loved one, a bail bondsman might be your only choice.

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