Oklahoma City bail bondsman, Laurie Poole, has advised before on how to find a reputable bail bondsman. The key is to utilize the digital world of references, reviews, and information. The ability to actually be a reputable bail bondsman, on the other hand, is a different story.

Fortunately, Laurie is also familiar with the practices of acting as exactly that: an honest, efficient, and reputable bail bondsman. For all the beginning bail bondsmen out there – or experienced bail bondsmen that suffer a social inability – there are tips you can follow to help raise your credibility and honor as a bail bondsman.


As silly as it might sound, one of the biggest keys to being honest and reputable is organization. When it comes to being a bail bondsman, you are going to have a lot of tasks like filling out and filing paperwork, following up with old and new clients alike, and other court-related work. If you let your things mesh together in a pile of confusion, that will reflect on your overall activity.

Clients will be hesitant to hire you because you come across as messy and untrustworthy – and really, like you have no idea what you are doing. No one wants to entrust someone else’s freedom to a person that seems sketchy; even if you are trustworthy. So, take the time to organize the things involved in your job and make sure that organization is evident to your clients. You will find that your organization can instill reassurance.


This one probably seems like a given, but you would be surprised at the number of bail bondsmen that choose “professionalism” over “kindness”. Laurie takes pride in her ability to be professional as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma, but she does not let her professionalism interfere with her ability to act like the kind individual she is. When you treat your clients with kindness and respect, you help them to feel comfortable. You help them to trust you.

As a bail bondsman, trust is one of the most important things in your job. In addition, honesty is also key. Hand in hand, kindness and honesty can make the entire reputation of a bail bondsman. Be upfront about your fees. Do not charge hidden expenses. And above everything, do not scam your clients. On top of the legal backlash, the feeling of guilt is not worth it.


Finally, one of the biggest keys to operating as a reputable bail bondsman is to be efficient in your work. On her OKC Bail Bonds website, Asset Bail Bonds, Laurie promotes her business as honest, organized, and efficient. This is because her business is honest, organized, and efficient. If you advertise your bail bonds business as something that it is not, it will only come to bite you in the butt later on.

Word of mouth travels fast and word of digital mouth travels even faster. You will not find the growth in your business that you desire if you do not put your all into your work – and that goes for any business, not just bail bonds.

If you are in need of bail bonds services, call Asset Bail Bonds OKC at (405) 709-1600.