For whatever reason, you find yourself behind bars. Going to jail sucks enough as it is; it sucks even more to sit there wondering what happens next. The good news is that contacting a bail bondsman and posting bail is not nearly as complicated as people seem to think. For starters, the only thing you really have to do is hire one – just make sure they are an honorable, reputable bondsman – and then sit back and let them handle the rest.

On the other hand, there are times when you might not want to/need to hire a bail bondsman. This can leave you wondering what will happen when/if you are found innocent. The charges are dropped, but do you get your bail money back? The answer to that question is tricky.

Lucky for you, Laurie Poole has been operating as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City long enough to know the process of getting your bail money back. To begin, you are going to want to keep updated on your case status. Your bail money will be held until you are either acquitted or the charges are dropped. Unfortunately, if you are found guilty, your money will go to court fees and expenses. This means that you will not be getting your money back.

Now, if you are found innocent, getting your bail money back should not be too hard of a task at all. This is where the big difference is between hiring a bail bondsman and posting bail yourself. With bail bondsmen, most defendants only pay 5-15% of the total bail amount. If found innocent, that 5-15% usually goes towards the bail bondsman’s premium fee.

However, when it is your own money you are requesting a refund on, you should easily be able to enjoy the feeling of freedom and the feeling of having money back in your pocket. Moving forward, Laurie explains from her bail bonds experience in Oklahoma that the next thing to do is figure out your case’s end date. You will not get your money back if you do not know your case’s end date, but do not worry – figuring it out is not hard at all.

Most of the time, you will be informed of your case’s end date by the appropriate authorities/figures. If for some reason you are not informed, you can always ask. Just make sure that you keep the court updated on any change in your address or number. Finally, you are left to bask in the only negative of being found innocent: waiting for your refund to show up.

As a bail bondsman in OKC, Laurie Poole is all too familiar with the waiting process. Most people wait two to six weeks to receive their bail bonds check in the mail. On the off chance that six weeks pass and you still have nothing, make sure you contact the court immediately.

With your information handy (contact information, case number, and case end date), inquire on the status of the refund and ask if there are any problems you can help to sort out. Remember: if you posted bail yourself, you are entitled to that money back if you are found innocent . . . no matter what.

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