It is no surprise that the world we live in is filled with scams. There are scams of all sorts – romance scams, phishing scams, unexpected winnings scams, and even fake charity scams. This means that, of course, there are also bail bond scams.

No one wants to end up on the victim side of a scam. Unfortunately, scammers are getting smarter and smarter. As a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, Laurie Poole knows this as best as anyone. Fortunately, she also knows a few tricks on avoiding them.

If it seems too good to be true: it is

There is always a moment of relief when you find a bail bonds service that seems more than affordable – cheap, even. If you are smart, that moment of relief should be followed by a shadow of doubt. Most bail bondsmen will charge between 10% and 15% for their bail bond premiums. If you come across someone offering random, cheap premiums like 5% or lower, chances are they are either advertising misleadingly or straight up breaking the law.

During her time working as an Oklahoma bail bondsman, Laurie has become familiar with the emotional duress that most people seeking bail bondsmen are under. Dealing with a loved one in jail is never easy; especially if it is of no fault of their own.

Bad people will take advantage of that emotional duress by offering deals too good to be true. Sometimes you might be in such a hurry to find an affordable bail bondsman that you do not even consider the potential of a scam. This is why it is important to catch your breath. Calm down and then take the time to do some detailed (but quick) research on a recommended bail bondsman.

Solicitation has its limits

If you find a bail bondsman soliciting their services in or around a jail, they are not only (most likely) scammers, but they are also breaking the law. Bail bondsmen are prohibited from soliciting their services in or around jail locations.

While some legitimate bondsmen ignore this law, most are people looking to scam you out of your hard earned cash. In addition, be weary of bondsmen that cold call you in an attempt to solicit their services. Not only is it illegal to cold call potential clients, but it is kind of creepy to call up someone with “Hey, so your cousin is incarcerated…want some help?”

In the bail bonds industry, the client must always be the one to contact the bail bondsman.

Hidden expenses and fees do not usually happen

Phone scams are the most common type of scam. They are also the easiest scam to spot. If someone calls you claiming to work for the bail bondsman you hired – and then proceeds to ask for money for an unexpected fee or expense – they are most definitely attempting to scam you.

Reputable and honest bail bondsmen will never charge you hidden expenses and fees. Laurie knows from her experience working in the OKC bail bonds industry that most bail bondsmen will be upfront with their premium and any associated fees (as trust is a very important part of any business).

If you are in need of bail bonds services, call Asset Bail Bonds OKC at (405) 709-1600.