While it is true that your local OKC bail bondsmen are on your side, you might find some confusion on what exactly that means. What is “your” side? After all, the purpose of bail is to ensure the cooperation of a person accused of a crime – innocent or not. Bail is used as a guarantee that, if granted release from jail, a defendant will appear at their later court dates. Of course, bail is almost always set at a higher value.

This means that bail bondsmen, like Oklahoma City bail bondsman Laurie Poole, are extremely necessary for the freedom of defendants; even if that freedom is only temporary. While molding her Oklahoma bail bonds business, Asset Bail Bonds, into the ideal place to hire a reputable bail bondsman in OKC, Laurie has also made it a point to assure the victims of crimes that her job protects them as much as it helps the defendants. Now, with a surplus of years of experience under her belt, Laurie still continues to spread that knowledge.

Starting out, Laurie explains that her primary goal is to meet the requirements of all conditions established by the court. This means that, as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, Laurie is keeping contact with her clients on a weekly basis. If her client is not complying to the rules constituted by the court, she does not hesitate to contact the proper authorities. Furthermore, if a victim of a crime comes forward with safety concerns, Laurie does not hesitate to escalate the concern to officials with the ability to handle those safety concerns.

Even more, as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma, Laurie is also familiar with the process of arrest. If a person is arrested on a more serious crime like rape or murder, they will most likely be arrested without the opportunity to post bail. By doing this, the state of Oklahoma can ensure the safety of past and future victims. Moving forward, Laurie also points out that most bail bonds are given with strict stipulations. A defendant might make bail, but they still have to meet some (if not all or more) of these conditions:

  • Follow all laws

  • No use of drugs/alcohol

  • No possession or purchase of any weapons

  • Restrictions on whereabouts and/or people

  • Hold or search for employment

  • Curfew restrictions

  • Specific travel restrictions

During her experience working with Asset Bail Bonds in OKC, Laurie has also gotten familiar with how a judge considers what conditions to apply. A defendant’s opportunity to post bail and the conditions included are chosen very carefully – starting with the defendant’s criminal history. In addition, their physical and mental stability and any drug abuse history is also considered.

Of course, there are other considerations like the seriousness of the crime or the likelihood of the defendant fleeing. In the end, Laurie continues to stress that bail bondsmen fight for the safety of victims as much as they fight for the temporary freedom of their clients.

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