Nobody wants to experience the unfortunate event of going to jail or having a loved one go to jail; especially when it happens around the holiday season. The holidays are something to look forward to – something to enjoy. At least, they should be…especially Thanksgiving! 

You do not expect to spend your Thanksgiving or Christmas behind bars, nor do you expect to wish a loved one happy holidays while they are behind bars. Unfortunately, things can happen very unexpectedly.

Getting arrested just in time for Thanksgiving might be one of those things. The crappy thing is that sometimes, your family might consider you better behind bars than out in the free world; if only to prove a point or teach you a lesson.

Laurie Poole can think of a few situations she experienced under that guise while working as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, and she is always quick to explain to her clients the disadvantages of purposely leaving someone behind bars.

To begin with, their incarceration might impact more than just them. For example, if the person has a family waiting for them at home, it might be several days before the court system sets them up for trial.

If that family is expecting a paycheck for food and living expenses, the incarceration of the breadwinner (or one of them) might make things more difficult. Not to mention, most people want to spend Thanksgiving with their family. There is very little that is more tragic than being separated from your loved ones during the holidays.

Of course, there are families that will do just about anything to help out a loved one: including helping them post bail. If you or your loved one is arrested just in time for the holidays, the first thing you want to do is remain calm.

Laurie knows from her personal bail bonds experience in Oklahoma that panicking will get you nowhere. Instead, take a minute to get all of the necessary information relevant to the case and get in contact with your local bail bondsman.

Thankfully, arranging for a bail bondsman to post bail is not complicated at all. If you take a few minutes to research a reputable and honest bondsman, you will have your loved one in your arms before you know it.

Even more, a bail bondsman that knows what they are doing will be quick and efficient in the bail bonds process. In addition, there are even bail bondsmen that will offer holiday “specials” during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

These specials can offer bail bond premiums at 5% instead of 10-15%, amongst other things. While these specials are definitely something to explore, they should not be confused with bail bond scams. Make sure you read reviews on your chosen bail bondsman, ask them questions, and verify that they have a license.

If you play your cards right, you will be able to enjoy the company of your loved ones from the comfort of your own home during the holidays.

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