The life of a bail bondsman tends to be pretty busy, and most of the time they operate at a very fast pace. Laurie Poole knows personally from working as a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City that bail bondsmen offices can also get pretty messy in the rush of their busy lives.

That being said, she also knows that most bail bondsman share similarities in their daily routines; including the things they keep in their office.

Just because you have never wondered of the things that can be found in your local bail bondman’s office does not mean you should not. After all, the things they keep on hand are the things that can benefit you – things like information, documents, and other relevant objects.

With the objective of sharing useful knowledge with potential clients, Laurie openly shares a few things that can be found in her own Oklahoma bail bondsman office.


Any reputable and legitimate bail bondsman will have verification of their occupation in their office; ready to be given at any request. This verification can include their license and any proof of required classes or other relevant documents.

You might ask: why is this important when it comes to you and your bail bond needs? It is important because you do not want to do business with a bail bondsman that does not offer proof of their occupation, should you request it.

In addition to verification, you will want to make sure your bail bondsman provides you with all of the information involved in forming a contract with them. Go over the required premium and any other fees or expenses, read over the contract thoroughly, and verify that the services they advertise are the services they actually offer.

Business Cards

Business cards are necessary for the development of any business – small or not. Due to her busy schedule as a bail bondsman in OKC, Laurie keeps business cards on her person and in her office in hopes of spreading her reputable and efficient bail bonds business to those in need of her services.

As a potential client, business cards benefit you with their basic purpose of relaying contact information in a convenient form. You can simply grab the business card of the bail bondsman’s desk, stick it in your wallet, and use it later to call them for further discussion.


Something kind of funny that you might not notice about bail bondsmen: almost every single bondsman has cabinets in their office. This is something you should take as a good sign, as it means the bail bondsman is organized and efficient. Most often, they will use cabinets to separate things like ongoing cases and closed cases. Hiring an organized bail bondsman is important; your case will likely be handled fast and efficiently.

In conclusion, you might be surprised when you pay attention to the things surrounding you when visiting your local bail bondsman’s office. Even more, you might be surprised when you realize how much those things can benefit you and your future bail bond needs.

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