When you are going through the system’s wonderful legal process, you will appear before a judge that will either grant or deny you bail. Bail, an amount of money surrendered to the court for your temporary release, is given back after all subsequent court appearances are met.

There are a few instances where bail will not be granted, but those instances tend to be more severe – or involve a defendant that classifies as a flight risk. When bail is paid forward, the only way to surrender that money to the court indefinitely is by missing court dates or breaking any corresponding violations.

As a bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, Laurie Poole is too familiar with the legal system’s bail process. She has also noticed over the course of her career that many of her clients are unfamiliar in the process of acquiring a bail bondsman and posting bail successfully. This is precisely why Laurie makes it her mission to educate those that are unaware on how the process works.

For starters, if you find yourself under arrest, you want to make sure you are aware of your basic human rights. You need to know when you can be arrested and when you cannot be. Furthermore, you need to be aware of how the booking process should go and take note of how it does go – and make sure to share that information with your lawyer.

The next thing you will want to do is successfully navigate through your bail hearing. In most cases, individuals will be granted the opportunity to post bail. This allows them to be released from custody until further legal proceedings.

Your bail hearing will identify whether or not you are eligible for bail – and if you are, it will tell you the amount your bail is set at. This is where bail bondsman usually come into play. In most instances, your average arrested individual does not have the money to post bail; requiring them to hire a bail bondsman to post the bail for them.

Laurie has worked in the Oklahoma bail bonds business long enough to know the ins and outs of identifying and hiring a bail bondsman that will do their job successfully and in a timely manner.

From this point, you will be needing the assistance of your friends and/or family.

Using references, recommendations and research, they can choose a qualified bail bondsman to work with you. From that point, you will be released from jail with the help of your chosen bail bondsman and you can work with your legal assistants to plan your next course of action.

The biggest thing to remember during this process is that the money the bail bondsman is putting forward is a loan and has to be paid back. In addition, the bail bondsman will charge their own fees for their assistance in the situation.

Before choosing a bail bondsman, inquire about the applicable fees to get an idea of how much money you are looking at. In conclusion, working with a bail bondsman should be a smooth process – and if your selection is based on the appropriate factors, it will be.

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